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Companies advertise all sorts of things to get themselves noticed, for example; "Luxury","number-1", "5-Star accommodation" etc. In October 2018, the everything changed when the UK Government issued new regulations that covered all kennels, catteries, dog day care, pet shops, pet breeders etc. Implemented by North Lincolnshire Council, the new rules completely changed how pet boarding companies operate, the facilities they provide and the standards of care they must adhere to. Now there is a way - just like with hotels, kitchens, schools etc where you can check to see what actual standards a boarding company has achieved. Now, every “boarding company” has to go through a comprehensive assessment, that looks at;
Staffing - numbers of people, qualifications, experience etc to ensure welfare needs of all the pets are met.
A suitable environment – design and layout, space available, temperature, surfaces, floors, equipment, appliances, drainage etc,
Diet – quality, quantity, water intake, feeding and drinking receptacles, food preparation standards, storage etc.
Monitoring – Food and water intake, behaviour, temperature, changes, health and welfare, faeces and urine etc.
Behaviour – providing a suitable “enrichment plan" – toys, play, injury or suffering, undesirable behaviour etc.
Animal handling and interactions – make sure that staff are competent handling pets to protect them from pain, suffering, injury or disease, difficult or aggressive pets etc.
Emergencies – companies must have a written emergency plan, links with Vets etc.
Documentation and record keeping – lots of it!

…..the list goes on!

On application for a boarding licence companies are rigorously assessed against the regulations. (In 2019 Cedar Farm’s “audit” had 2 inspectors nearly all day – and who wrote 2 * 20-page reports!) The results of the “audit” are then complied into a scoring matrix (see example). This looks at risk and animal welfare. To obtain a licence every boarding company company must meet the minimum standard 2/3 star rating.
For Cedar Farm to get a 5-star rating BOTH our kennels and cattery, have to achieve 5-stars. (If either our kennels or our cattery say gets 3-star rating, then the OVERALL rating is 3-stars. Cedar Farm is the ONLY boarding company in North Lincolnshire that has a combined higher standard 5-star rating for BOTH kennels and cattery.
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